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Contac Claims provide a full claims handling service for motor and household claims, including:-

Full Delegated Authority
24 hour Claims Reporting
Accident/Loss Investigation
Third Party Pro-active Capture/Intervention
Injury Negotiation
Insured Loss Recovery

Full Delegated Authority

The claims handling team at Contac Claims cover a range of disciplines from property/motor loss and damage to severe personal injury.

24 Hour Reporting

We operate a 24hour, 365 days a year claim reporting line. This facility allows clients to call and report new claims, allowing us to capture control of the claim immediately, both in relation to our clients and innocent Third Parties. This is the most effective tool in reducing claims costs.

Our 24hr service acts as a ‘Claims Centre' rather than the typical “Call Centre”, as the personnel receiving the calls are our experienced claims personnel who can answer and resolve just about any insurance claims query your customers may have.


Accident/Loss Investigation

We can provide an external investigation service dealing with locus visits and reports, policyholder statements, theft, large loss and potential fraud.

Local knowledge is essential in order to establish the facts and counteract potential fraud. We have extensive experience in investigating staged accidents, multiple claimants, driver fronting, creeper burglaries and unconvincing/staged thefts. Our method is one of combining old-fashioned relentless claims investigation and technology.


Third Party Pro-Active Capture/Intervention

Whilst “Pro-active” is the commonly used term, it is our experience that many are far from Pro-active in the execution of their claims from innocent Third Parties.

Our interpretation of being “Pro-active” is the vigorous pursuit and capture of the third party before they have cause to contact anyone. We use whatever means possible, telephone, text, home visit and letter.

Once we have captured the Innocent Third Party we will ensure their needs are identified and met, and subsequently that the costs are controlled.


Injury Negotiation

We have local experienced Injury Claims Handlers who are alive to the many issues involving personal injury and the perceived compensation culture.

Our approach is to expedite these claims through to an amicable, but cost effective settlement as quickly as possible. Adopting this approach has resulted in 95% settlement of injury claims prior to litigation.

We also have considerable experience in dealing with the more significant injuries, having dealt with individual losses in excess of £1.5 million.

Please contact our office for details of our other Injury Settlement methods.


Insured Loss Recovery

Quite often the recovery of the Insured Loss tends to fall by the way side when the concentration and focus is on the issue of ever more demanding customer service.

Even on the smallest of schemes the amount of outstanding recoveries are significant. It is all well and good considering the extent of “pending” recoveries when monitoring a schemes performance, reviewing your underwriting rates or the overall results of your book, however, even if you only take a percentage of the amount pending it is still not an accurate reflection. A pending recovery isn't a recovery until the money is banked.

Our handlers have achieved success in recovering in excess of £1.5 million per annum, with a consistent average recovery time of less than 21 days.



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