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24 hour Claims Reporting
Single Point of Contact
Ensure Use of Preferred Repairers and Suppliers
Accident/Loss Investigation
Full Claims Handling for Self Insured Risks
Uninsured Loss Recovery

24 Hour Reporting

We operate a 24hour, 365 days a year claim reporting line. This facility allows clients to call and report new claims, allowing us to capture control of the claim immediately, both in relation to our clients and innocent Third Parties. This is the most effective tool in reducing claims costs.

Our 24hr service acts as a ‘Claims Centre' rather than the typical “Call Centre”, as the personnel receiving the calls are our experienced claims personnel who can answer and resolve just about any insurance claims query your customers may have.


Single Point of Contact

Preparing and submitting an insurance claim can on some occasions be daunting, however, it is in every case a time consuming task.

We can provide you with a straightforward step-by-step guide through the entire process, acting as a single point of contact between your brokers, insurers, and repairers to ensure an expeditious resolution.

Our staff are insurance trained claims handlers. We understand insurance policies, we know how to manage insurance claims, the mechanisms and the processing time scales involved.


Ensure Use of preferred Repairer and Suppliers

To most members of the public a motor vehicle is a necessary luxury. To a business it is an essential tool of trade and of course a financial asset.

In order to protect your asset you will wish to ensure any repairs carried out to your vehicles are of the highest quality. With our assistance and 24 hr reporting, we will make sure your vehicles are only repaired by the repairer of your choice.

We have through a process of trial and elimination over a 7-year period, selected repairers capable of achieving and maintaining our desired high level of workmanship and customer service. These repairers are contracted to adhere to stringent and audited service standards, and are readily available in the event you do not have your own Preferred Repairers

Accident/Loss Investigation

We can provide an external investigation service dealing with locus visits and reports, policyholder statements, theft, large loss and potential fraud.

Whilst an accident is exactly that, someone is always to blame. Working from claim forms, police report, drivers' statements etc we try to piece together what actually happened.

A liability decision can often go against you on the flippant throw away comment by your driver at the scene or during police interview, or the driver omitting some seemingly small detail about the accident scene. All to often we have seen solicitors and barristers jump upon these points and compensation is awarded in the courts as a result.

With our help we can ensure liability is decided solely upon the facts and not after event fabrication and conjecture.


Full Claims Handling for Self Insured Risks

Along with the 24hr claims reporting we also offer a complete claims handling service for Self-insured Risks.

We aim to be the complete “one stop shop” in relation to your claims, providing audit and performance controls where required.

Using the data captured we can provide, Incident Analysis and Risk Management reporting in order to reduce your liability exposure.


Uninsured Loss Recovery

Due to the ever rising cost of insurance we are finding some business are not opting for comprehensive insurance cover, and therefore fund the cost of the repairs to their vehicle themselves. We can in all cases co-ordinate the collection, repair and return of your vehicle. In cases where the damage has been caused due to the negligence of another we can identify the insurers of the guilty driver and have them fund the cost of the repairs without you having to incur this expense up-front.

For those who do opt for comprehensive cover, in an effort to thwart increasing premiums they are having to choose increased excesses. Typically these can range between £250 and £10,000. In the vast number of cases where the accident was the result of another driver, we can have the excess recovered often before the vehicle is repaired and you have had to front this cost.

Immediately upon notification of new incidents we can not only limit the extent of your out of pocket expenses but also commence recovery of these uninsured losses immediately.



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